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Meet The Bookkeepers

Robbin Wood - BookkeeperFastBooksPro.Com was founded by Robbin Wood who has been working with budgeting and accounting in one form or another for almost 25 years. She started in the film industry where she prepared and adhered to budgets for multi-million dollar features as well as prepared all of the legal documents required when delivering a film for distribution. After having been contracted for a few bouts of forensic accounting in post production she found her true calling, finances.

Robbin has worked strictly in financial services for 7 years now and has mentored with top lawyers and CPA’s in the industry. Her concentration is on tax, accounting and Robbin is Life Licensed and Securities Licensed for retirement and estate planning. She specializes in companies and individuals that are in multi-year tax delinquency and require a lot of clean up. “When someone comes to me with boxes of files and receipts I get excited! It’s like putting a puzzle together and I get such a charge when it’s complete!”

Having worked with several CPA’s, Robbin is well versed in many different industries from Aviation to Wholesale and everything in between. She is a frequent public speaker and teaches tips and tricks for Quickbooks when not in tax season.

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Meet the Bookkeepers – Robbin Wood